A Calm Oasis in a Stressful World

Whether you are new to Yoga or a long standing, bending, stretching practitioner you’re probably looking for a style of Yoga and a type of teacher and class that is matched to who you are, your personality and your needs.

With that in mind Myra’s yoga offers you the opportunity to sample different styles on different days of the week at St Pauls College (opp Triangle) & The Town Hall, Boltro Rd Haywards Heath

The classes vary from being quite dynamic and stretch focused depending on the season, and ability of the group, to the introspective sessions which use pranic healing movements taken from chi gung and other rhythmic exercise routines.

You may be one of a number who have tried the gym and pilates but found the atmosphere too noisy, mechanical and competitive.

Maybe you have a guilty desire for some sort of spirituality but find organised religion, whether it be Eastern or Western, too demanding for your soul.

Perhaps the idea of an escape from the material world is one that you have been meaning to act on for some time. Even if it isn’t permanent, just an hour a week can help to scratch that itch.

You’ll find that the discipline of Yoga is yours to embrace as you will through these classes. You may well also make the choice of practicing it out of class while at home or as part of a holiday.

It’s possible that you already know or have heard about the healing powers of Yoga. The facts about its virtues are well established. You’ll learn how you can best put these powers to use to help you feel better, whether it be to help a simple headache, to deal with muscle and skeletal pain, or to exorcise mental anguish.

Take the first step – Call today 01444 239125 or text 0787 554 8801 or email myranicol@gmail.com