Countdown to Om lympia

3rd October 2013




Just 20 days to go now and really excited about my first ever venture to the Om Yoga Show, Olympia.  Over the weeks I’ve noticed how the team have this wonderful knack of making you feel like you are their most special customer.. and nothing is too much trouble. How do they keep so calm and happy? – must be the Yoga!

2013 has found yoga much more in the public eye again (like the Madonna/Spice days of the 90’s). And so much media coverage reporting  research breakthroughs in the treatment, prevention and cure of psychosomatic  illness – something I have been championing for the last 20 years.  Finally I can hold my head up and say “Yoga works … and we have the scientific evidence to prove it”

From the “Sleep Yoga” perspective I can truly say that the New CD I will be presenting this year is the definite interpretation of Yoga Nidra for the Modern Yogi and here’s why:

* Sankalpa (resolve) has evolved into a separate relaxation which I have called “My Healing Mantra” this gives the user time to ponder their affirmation and learn to word it in a simple and positive fashion to appeal to the subconscious mind.  It gives you suggestions which are proven to help with conditions from insomnia to life missions like finding love

* Sleep Yoga  is the full 40 minute guided journey with rotation of consciousness and breath awareness, archetypal imagery and finishing with the resolve.  (The “opposites” visualisation has been omitted as from experience have found this to be counter to helping users with anxiety problems)

* The value of “rotation of consciousness” has been distilled into a short 15 minute track.. so with the wonders of technology this can now be played on “repeat” and used to treat insomnia – Magic!

* and finally… the music which is beautiful on its own but also contains embedded pulses which help our brain achieve the right wavelength needed for rejuvenating and healthful rest

So tarry no more and get your tickets for the show – can’t wait to meet you!!

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