Recipes for Insomnia and Chronic Fatigue

1st November 2013

So now you have your cd – how are you meant to use it!



1. Take time in the day to explore “your healing mantra” this 10 minute affirmation practice will guide you through the journey of finding your “resolve” which is the core of the sleepyoga practice. It gives you lots of suggestions eg for finding love, your higher purpose, sleeping.. (remember Frank Spencer – “every day in every way I’m getting better and better” we don’t do that one) It is a “light” relaxation so you can easily do it on a journey… but not driving of course!

2. “Sleepyoga”. This is the second recording and 40 minutes of pure bliss! My voice will take you on a journey of archetypal images which will “trip” the subconscious and release any repressed emotions which may be blocking your ability to sleep. (Some people find that once they’ve found their higher purpose in life then sleep comes spontaneously) Make sure you practice it at night before sleeping.  This will prolong the relaxation interval between wakefulness and sleep (don’t envy those that drop off snoring in front of the tv – it’s not good) and so give your sleep a better quality… you will sleep deeper, suffer less disturbances (apnoea, snoring etc)  and you won’t need so much!

3. “Insomnia body scan” can be used if you wake up in the night – or early morning. Put it on repeat … the sequence will work its way into your subconscious.. and it’s scientifically proven to get you back to sleep again!


“When I  reach the “state of one-ness” .. it’s like that delicious feeling of floating on the brink of sleep”

Chronic Fatigue

It has been proven that 40 minutes of “Sleepyoga” is equivalent to 3 hours sleep… so use it as often as possible.. (I cured myself  from a bed bound state over 3 weeks by using the cd up to 5 times per day)

How does it work?

* develops the ability to “witness” and understand oneself at a deeper level
* brings about an inner wisdom which helps us make the right lifestyle choices
* rids the mind of negativity so you become more “at peace” with yourself and the world.


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