Why would women over 40 particularly benefit from yoga?

27th April 2014

Research shows that women over forty who take up the practice of yoga at least once a week are likely to be about half a stone lighter four years later than if they don’t. Not only that but those who don’t take it up are likely to put on up to a stone in the same time. See evidence

Also doing just one session of yoga per week helps alleviate depression and sleeplessness brought on by the menopause. Although of course the thought that one is going to be a stone and a half heavier might also have something to do with the depression. More depression here for those need it!

If you start yoga in your forties, you’re much more likely to prevent the effects of osteoporosis that often begins with the onset of menopause. Bones grow to resist the forces that are put into them. By the time we are in our forties our movements have often become routine.

Yoga helps by varying the directions in which bones are experiencing forces. This helps the structure of the bone, giving it a much greater resistance to breaking when unusual forces are put on it such as in a fall. Good news here.

Take action now. Call 01444 239125 to save yourself from ending up, as some comedian once said, as a miserable broken pile of lard!

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As for cats, even yoga can’t help them at the age of forty because sadly they don’t live that long.


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